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Publications 2020-03-19
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Frontiers: Progress Toward Identifying Exact Proxies for Predicting Response to Immunotherapies
Publications 2019-05-29
PNAS: Gene-edited stem cells enable CD33-directed immune therapy for myeloid malignancies
Publications 2019-01-23
Nature: A defined commensal consortium elicits CD8 T cells and anti-cancer immunity
Publications 2018-09-17
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Nature Neuroscience: CNS lymphatic drainage and neuroinflammation are regulated by meningeal lymphatic vasculature
Publications 2018-07-25
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Nature: Functional aspects of meningeal lymphatics in ageing and Alzheimer's disease
Publications 2018-04-04
Nature Communications: Towards an arthritis flare-responsive drug delivery system
Publications 2018-03-23
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PureTech's Lymphatic Leap
Publications 2017-10-20
Science: Intestinal inflammation induced by oral bacteria
Publications 2017-09-19
Science: The Gut’s Clostridium Cocktail
Publications 2017-07-13
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Nanomedicine: Milk-derived exosomes for oral delivery of paclitaxel